8th Grade e-Book Reviews

From students in Ms. Williams' 1A GT Class/Buddy Reads

Hunger Games.....Review by Tykeria Haskins

I highly recommend you read this bestseller by Suzanne Collins. It is packed with action, adventure, and romance. Katniss Everdeen is stuck between 'love' and life as she enters the 74th Hunger Games. She has to decide between living, while Peeta is dead, or being dead with him. Where does that leave her family if she is dead? What about if Peeta is dead? What about his family? This e-book is available though Woodlawn Middle's media center.

More on Hunger Games.....Review by Cinthia Flores

I also read the Hunger Games and I highly recommend this book. The Hunger Games has lots of emotion. and plot twists. It begins with a sixteen year old named Katniss Everden who joins the 74th Hunger Game, and she falls in love with Peeta. So, if you like action and romance, I highly recommend the book because it has both. While I know some people believe this book may be inappropriate for middle school readers because some say it has too much violence, I disagree. I think middle school readers can handle what's in the book.

The Giver

I highly recommend you to read The giver. This book is about Jonas going on many adventures. Jonas discovers the truth about his society. This book takes place in the future. I recommend middle and high school students to read this book.

The Giver

I almost highly recommend The Giver for those who like adventure/action books and those in middle and high school. like to call it the book of the future. Jonas have a creative mind, if you don't know who Jonas is read the book. The Giver has a lot of curious things in it .I wont say what's it's about,cause I'm a give too much away. So you should read this book & see the movie too. This book/movie is very good, but you will probably like it more if you read/see it for yourself.

Death on Sacred Ground....Review by Adonis Smith

A girl is found on a seneca reservation murdered with an arrow though her heart. When they hear about the shocking death, Vivi and her father, Rabbi Hartman, find themselves in the middle of a mystery. Vivi and her Rabbi father travel to the funeral of a young orthodox Jewish girls. it seems that pretty, rebellious Mindy, solo man was shot to death during a high school archery club outing. I highly recommend this book