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Help Wanted

Strong Tower Renovations is in need of more employees. We are looking for people specializing as painters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, or general renovators. Your services would be greatly appreciated if a referral was made to gain more employees. As part of our Referral Program, when an employee refers another worker to our company, and they become an employee, the original employee gets an added amount on top of their salary. We are greatly looking forward to making many new additions to the Strong Tower Family.


These pictures are examples of what Strong Tower Renovations does, but not actual projects that were done by Strong Tower Renovations.

More News

Health and Wellness at Strong Tower Renovations

All employees please remember that health comes first. if you are sick please stay at home until well again. This is vital to ensure the health and wellness of your coworkers and our program. Also, please remember when working on the job to wear the correct equipment. The work sites can be dangerous, so all precautions must be made to prevent injuries. Following all these rules will provide for a more improved environment.

Manos Abiertas

On February 20, Strong Tower Renovations will be hosting a Manos Abiertas event. Manos Abiertas means open hands, which is a great translation of what we like to do at Strong Tower Renovations, help people with open hands. In this event, we will help better the circumstances of people living in small, Spanish communities. At this location, people will be able to learn more about what we do here at Strong Tower Renovations.
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Door Hanger Campaigns

Here at Strong Tower Renovations, we like to tell people about our services and company. We host door hanger campaigns to promote our business. How a door hanger campaign works, is that we hang door hangers on people's front doors saying certain things like a neighbor also used us to renovate or we are a reliable company to get people to renovate their homes by us.
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Church Renovations Discount

Here at Strong Tower Renovations, we are committed to helping people improve their lives, so if a church is in need of a renovation, through Strong Tower Renovations, they can get a 10% discount.

Referral Program

Through the Strong Tower Renovations Send-A-Friend Program, referrals can be made to gain rewards. Five percent will be taken off your next project for the first client you refer to Strong Tower Renovations. For each additional referral that has been made, you will receive 100$. There is no limit to the amount of referrals that can be made. Make sure to tell the client that you referred them to us.