Middle Colonies

The Bread Basket


Delaware was formed in 1638. It is a proprietary colony and that was given to Lord De La Warr because the king was in debt to him. They had no established religion. Made its money by trading wheat and tobacco.

New York

New York was formed in 1664. It was also a proprietary colony. The dutch mainly settled in New York and made friends with the Natives. This lead to New York making money off of the fur trade. They also had no established religion.

New Jersey

New Jersey was also formed in 1664 and is a proprietary colony such as New York. New Jersey was New York's outcast. They were what New York did not want in their colony. New Jersey made most of its money farming and they had no established religion.


Pennsylvania was formed in 1682. It was formed as a proprietary colony given to William Penn. There religion was mainly Quakers. They were very liberal and open minded. They had great relationships with Indians. They also abolished slavery in their colony. They made blue laws which are small laws such as no drinking on Sunday. Their main crop was wheat.