The Blind Side

By: Michael Lewis

Author's Purpose

The purpose was to write about an inspirational true story to show readers that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from.

Text Examples of Purpose

"We have nothing. He's had seven addresses and has gone to fifteen different schools. He doesn't know the names of his brothers and sisters and his mother was addicted to crack when he was a child." Page 140

"There wasn't a shred of evidence that he'd existed. He swore his mother, wherever she was, had nothing either." Page 139

"He never had a daddy. I'm more of an older man. He'll talk to my daughter and wife but we don't ask about his childhood because most times you don't want the answer." Page 293

"'You tell Michael Oher I'll be waiting for him,' said Dwight Freeney" Page 329 Dwight was one of the greatest pass rushers in the game, yet he was in a way threatened by Michael even though he was a rookie.

Synopsis of Novel

"The Blind Side" is based on the true story of Baltimore Ravens' offensive left tackle Michael Oher. Michael grew up in the inner city projects, in an area named "Hurt Village." Michael's story begins with his being homeless and living with his drug-addicted mother, and no father at all. Because of his family circumstances, Family Services took control of his life as he was growing up. He was later brought in by a rich white family in Tennessee, the Tuohy's. They planned to help him temporarily but continued to help him in many ways which exceeded the traditional ways of helping a stranger. They help Michael get a Social Security card and even his driver's license. They later become his legal guardians. They enroll him in Briarcrest Christian School with their children and he begins to play football as well. He plays very well and attracts a lot of attention from scouts because of his size and skill for his position. He is moved to play college football where he would go to play at the University of Mississippi. Again, he would excel in sports and would eventually get drafted by the Baltimore Ravens and is still currently playing left tackle in the NFL. Left tackle is an essential position because they is the one protecting the quarterback's "Blind Side."