Elephant Seal

By: Celeste Fansher

Latin name: Elephant sigillum
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The Population

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The Community

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The Habitat

  • the open ocean during the non-breeding season (where they can dive to remarkable depths)

  • during the breeding season, it is generally found on beaches and rocky terrain, and sometimes on ice and snow

The Niche

  • they can swim in the ocean & move fast on land
  • secondary/tertiary/quadinairy consumer

The Ecosystem

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The Biome

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3 Adaptations

  • have twice the blood volume , three times as much hemoglobin, and much more myoglobin than land mammals of the same size & they are good swimmers, but are capable of moving fast on land

  • a thick layer of blubber between their skin and their vital organs to help keep them warm at sea (the flippers and the "armpits" of the front flippers)

  • average depth of their dives is about 300 to 600 m (980 to 1,970 ft) & can stay underwater for up to 2 hours

Why did I chose the Elephant Seal to win the competition?

    • they’re usually pretty big

    • they have some good adaptations

    • they are also pretty rare

    • I like elephants and seals, so I also like them combined!

    • I like the way they look!