About energy drinks

What is bad and what is good about energy drinks.


There are some reason that energy drinks are good, but there is also a bad side to energy drinks. In this poster we will be telling you what is bad about them.

Bad things about energy drinks

There are lots of things that you might think why energy drinks are good, but you are wrong. This is because there are lots of bad things about energy drinks. Well, because there is caffeine in energy drinks you will have trouble to fall asleep. You might think that coffee has more caffeine in it then an energy drink. Well coffee has 150mg of caffeine in it, and energy drinks have 500mg of caffeine.

Some pictures of energy drinks

Still don't believe use, here are some more facts

More facts

Energy drinks can cause shaking because it has so much caffeine in it, and your body is not used to having so much caffeine. Also, it causes dizziness, the reason for that again is because there is so much caffeine in the energy drinks that you drink. Almost all the energy drinks are very expensive, the people how make energy drinks earn 1 billion pounds. One of the most expensive energy drink that we found was £21.99, this is probably because it have so much caffeine in the energy drink.

Energy drinks are BAD

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