The Constitutional & PostRevolution

An Era of Established Colonies Who Took Their Independence

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Ill Talk With the King Yo

Ben Franklin in the house! Just returned from discussing and signing The Treaty of Paris with King George III of Great Britain and representatives of the United States of America on September 3, 1783. Some other countries that supported the American cause such as France, Spain, and The Dutch Republic known as the Peace of Paris.We discussed territories through out the Americas; the Indians aren't getting any land back though. I think this is the end of the American Revolutionary War.
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Articles of Confederation is stupid bruh

I Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shay will lead four thousand rebels in rising up against perceived economic injustices by Massachusetts. My rebellion shall start on August 29, 1786. Our discrepancies have been ignored for to long several factors like financial difficulties bring about by a post-war economic depression. We call for a reform of the Articles of confederation. Our central government is to weak and the fact they cannot stop our rebellion calls for its complete overhaul.