leopard seals

by aiden

scientific name

hydrurga leptonyx

line drawing


leopard seals have fur surrounding there body there fur appears to shimmer when wet. The leopard seal has black dots covering its top and a lighter fur covers the under neath of the leopard seal.


leopard seals live around the edges of antarctica


a leopard seals diet amnly consists of fish,peguins and other various objects


well it quite simple they play twister and bam and couple of months laters comes out a baby leopard seal.


leopard seals have thick fur to keep them warm and sharp teeth and fast in the water they have adapted to be a exellent predator

intresting facts

leopard seals range up to 3.5m long. it is also a mammal. it is also a carnivore. they live up to 12-15 years. they a can way up to 380 kgs.