Cesar Ipina

Professional Communication (2A)

Personal Statement

when one door closes another door opens with better opportunity's
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The Communication Processes

The communication processes is the processes that a message goes thru in order to get to the receiver it goes thru the sender who is the person who sends it and the endcodin is when it gets created and the channel is the way the message gets send or transmitted and decoded is when you think of something and the receiver is the person who gets the mesege
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Non Verbal Communication

Non verbal communication is when you communicate with out words and instead use signs.

In the picture below there is a non verbal communication happening. For some reason he is surprised and you can tell because of his actions

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Informal Language

Informal Language is the language used with out proper grammar

Like the example below is showing bugs bunny with the quote "What'sup doc" which is informal language

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Future Goals

My future goals is to go to college and study to be an accountant
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