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Key Points to Choose the Trusted Online Pharmacy in India

Buying medicines from an online pharmacy can be more practical and cost-effective. In most cases, the medicines are less expensive, and they can be delivered straight to your home. Buying from an online pharmacy may be more convenient for people who live in remote areas and for those who may not have access to a brick and mortar pharmacy due a disability or a debilitating illness, causing them unable to leave their homes. Some of the best online pharmacies are in India, and these key points should help you choose the most trusted one:

· Learn about the pharmacy – It is up to you to verify the claims of an online pharmacy in India that is claiming to be trustworthy and the best in the country. Hence, take the time to look up the pharmacy's background and what it specializes in.

· Determine how the pharmacy sells products – There are online pharmacies that function as e-commerce websites that focus on a marketplace model. This way, they are able to sell prescription medicines from authorized sellers. A trusted online pharmacy that functions as a marketplace makes it easier to find a wider range of products and medicines, too. The products will be delivered to you by the appointed delivery company or by the seller. Make sure that the pharmacy's partner merchants procure their medicines and products from regulated manufacturers and certified pharmacists in India, and that all products are authentic and well within their expiry date.

· Trusted online pharmacies never sell prescription medicine without a prescription – Reputable online pharmacies follow global and government standards for selling prescription drugs. Hence, you need to send them a scanned copy or a photo of your prescription when you log in, via email, or through a mobile application. Then, the pharmacy should notify you by phone once its in-house pharmacist has verified your prescription.

· Find out how long it takes for the orders to be delivered – Trusted online pharmacies in India are open 24/7, but choose one that can deliver your order within two to four working days. Its customer service team should notify you in case of any delay, and it should send a confirmation email once the order has been dispatched, with a tentative date of delivery.

· Learn about the payment methods – Reputable online pharmacies understand that not everyone has a credit or debit card, so they offer cash on delivery in addition to conventional payment options.

About the Author:

This article is written by Rajkumar Popat, the Founder of Mera Pharmacy. Mera Pharmacy is an Online Pharmacy Marketplace selling prescribed medicines, regular needs and OTC drugs, orthopaedic care products, and healthcare devices etc. Rajkumar is an IBS Hyderabad alumnus and also worked for other companies like Tech Mahindra & ICRA (An associate of Moody’s Investors Service) for more than 7+ years in sales and marketing.