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Thank you!

Thank you to all parent volunteers that helped and contributed to the class parties this year. We had our last one on Friday, for Valentine's Day.

Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

Last week's QAR and TAG was very successful. The kids were able to understand that their are different types of questions and how to answer them using evidence from the text.

This week we have a special visitor, Thomas Edison. No really, an actor dressed as Edison will speak to the kids in character. We have had him come for several years and he is amazing. This is leading up to the beginning of our wax museum introduction. Students will study a few biographies or reads on famous/notable people. We will make a list of the differences between notable vs. famous and talk about people who fit each category. Students will start to decide who they want to 'become' for the wax museum presentation. For those new to the wax museum, this is a great project that guides students through following a notable individual through their life and what he/she did to change their area of study for the better. Students will then write a speech as the person, based on their research. They will have an evening presentation to give speeches dressed as their notable person. Students often have an idea of who they want to, but they will be asked to convince me that the person was notable and how. I will give you the date of our in-school wax museum presentation soon.

Please remember to keep reading at home. This is truly the best 'homework' that can be done! Reading a story together and discussing it is a great way to see the level of understanding in your student. At the end of a chapter have them summarize the most important points.

Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

Last week we came a long way with publishing the nonfiction books. We didn't quite get everyone done, but in another day or two we will be there. Students will share their books this week. We are making copies for our 1st grade buddies as well as our Italian pen pals. Students have also been creating a Smore to send to their pen pals. They are interviewing principals and special teachers, writing articles, and taking pictures. What a great way to communicate across the world.

I will be introducing the Young Author books assignment to the kids. This year I am going to have the kids working on creating autobiographies. We will need a little help from you. The kids will be coming home and interviewing you about life when they were tiny. They will record the information. We will also need some pictures when we begin to publish these books (I'll email when it gets closer).

Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

This week we will continue working on geometry. Students have studied line, line segment, ray, angle, parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting thus far. This week we will work on triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons and symmetry. Connecting all of these areas with real life is so important in making it relevant to the student. We talk about how geometry is used in jobs and where we see it in our everyday lives. We will continue to build this knowledge as we learn.

We will also continue to warm up with number sense activities as well as other mathematical concepts that help kids review and learn from others' thinking.

Problem solving is another piece of our math block that we continue. Pulling in what they are learning about in geometry and connecting it to everyday problems helps them connect their knowledge to real world as well.

Specials Next Week:

Library -Wednesday - Please remind student to bring books from home!

M - No School

T - Art

W - Music (Early Release Day)

Th - PE

Fri - Tech

Jump Rope For Heart is here!

Last year, Hinkle Creek raised $9,900 for the American Heart Association. This week, students will be bringing home information sheets about donating. If you haven’t already, please register for our school team at or by searching Jump/Hoops in the app store on your mobile device. Our students are learning all about what they can do to keep their hearts healthy, and how they can help others by collecting donations for the American Heart Association. We are a healthy and service-minded community! The final day to turn in packets and donate online is February 29. Questions? Contact Mr. Yount

Have an amazing week!!

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

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