C2 Newsletter

Pike Road Schools

First Quarter Down, Three to Go!

We have officially made it through the first 9 weeks of school! We are enjoying your children so much and have loved seeing their growth so far during their second grade year.

C2 Current Skills

This Week

Reading: Tall Tales and Legends (Retell and Comprehension - RL 2.2 and RL 2.10)

Writing/Language Arts: Adjectives and Narrative Writing

Math: Addition Strategies, Double and Triple Digit Addtion with and without regrouping (2.NBT.5, 2.NBT.6, 2.NBT.7)

Social Sciences: Native Americans (Social Studies 2.11)

Coming Next!

Reading: Folktales/Tall Tales/Legends
(RL 2.5 - story structure, RL 2.7 - use illustrations and words from text to understand characters, setting, and plot)

Writing/Language Arts: Adjectives and Verbs, Narrative Writing

Math: Double and Triple Digit Addition with and without regrouping
(2.NBT.5, 2.NBT.6, 2.NBT.7, 2.NBT.8, 2.NBT.9)

Social Sciences: Unit Culminating Project on Fables, Fairy Tales, Folktales, Tall Tales, Legends

Upcoming Events

October 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

October 30 - End of Socktober (donations of non-perishable snack items)

October 31 - Little Patriot Pom Squad for Girls K-2 (9 - 10:30 AM in PRS Gym)

November 2-6 - Spirit Week

Monday, Nov. 2 -- Camo Day

Tuesday, Nov. 3-- Tacky Day

Wednesday, Nov. 4 _ Crazy hat/Sock Day

Thursday, Nov 5. -- Favorite Team Day

Friday, Nov. 6 -- Patriot Day (wear all much red, white, and blue as possible)

Field Trip to the Pioneer Museum

Parent Involvement Opportunities

Pike Road is blessed with an abundance of wonderful parents, and many of you have expressed an interest in volunteering in Community 2. Jennifer Brewer has volunteered to coordinate involvement opportunities, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of us! If you would like to be contacted about parent involvement opportunities, please click the button below to share your contact information with Jennifer Brewer.

Wish List

  • large pads of Post-It chart paper
  • recess toys: sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, hula hoops, kickballs, etc.
  • 11x17 paper
  • color Expo markers
  • sentence strips
  • white card stock
  • file folders
The book fair is a wonderful opportunity to create a print rich environment for your child both at home and at school. Although our book fair at school has ended, there is still time to shop the book fair online. Follow this link to see the wish lists your child's lead learner has created. http://onlinebookfairs.scholastic.com/wishlisthome.aspx
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