Southview Public School

May 2nd - May 6th


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We All Matter!

One of the guest speakers at the CONNECT conference, Angela Maier, welcomed us by reminding us that we all matter. In her presentation, she spoke about how students need to know that they matter, and they need us to tell them this all the time, in many different ways. Angela also spoke about how we, as adults, need to know that we matter too, and to remind ourselves that what we do is so important, and it matters. So in case you have forgotten today, or haven't been told recently... YOU MATTER! Take a peek at her link below with some of the ways she's incorporating this concept into classrooms.
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Upcoming Events

Monday, May 9th- Bookfair (all week)

Tuesday, May 10th- Health & Safety School Inspection (am)

Wednesday, May 11th- Hawk Run

Thursday, May 12th- Grade 8 Transition Meetings 12:45 @ NDSS, Kindergarten to Gymnastics (pm), Heritage Fair

Friday, May 13th- Assessment Conference (Brooke & Jenn @ Queen's University), Celebration of Dance (last block), Subway Hot Lunch

Monday, May 16th- Equity & Inclusion Conference (Tiffany, Christine, Carrie & Terri)

Tuesday, May 17th- Discover Kindergarten in Limestone

Wednesday, May 18th- Principal's Meeting, Track and Field

Thursday, May 19th- Paul's Pizza (Salad & Dough Sticks Day)

Friday, May 20th- P.A. Day

Monday, May 23rd- Victoria Day

Friday, May 27th- CI booked in library (12:30-3:30), Paul's Pizzeria, Reid's Dairy Shakes

What we can all learn from this tiny lamb

What We Can All Learn from This Tiny Lamb | Super Soul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Math Presentation

Take a peek at the math presentation below. It was created in Google and has some really interesting and interactive features to teaching a problem solving lesson. The lesson could also be modified to other subjects by using the interactive features in Google (or Microsoft!).

The second link is to a SMORE that is completely math related. It has interactive tools, hashtags to follow, websites, blogs, and various formative tools to assess math!


Making IT Work

This was a fantastic presentation, put together from Joanne Borges in LDSB, about how to use Microsoft O365 tools. The presentation has great tips and tools, as well as videos, to further our learning with Microsoft!

Week Ahead

Monday, May 2nd- (Day 3)

  • Teacher Candidate returns (welcome back Jenny!) (until May 27th)
  • Junior Basketball Tournament (Hallford and Dunleavy)
  • TTFM Surveys
  • Tiffany @ Mentor Meeting (am) & OPC Mtg (pm), Jenn late arrival (9:00)

Tuesday, May 3rd- (Day 4)

  • TTFM Surveys
  • Intermediate Reading Group 8:15 am library
  • Hall/Cruji & Zwiers/Virgin to Gould Lake
  • Grade 8s @ NDSS for the morning
  • EQAO Meeting (am)-postponed until Mark Ryan's visit (more details to follow)
  • Young Choristers presentation
  • Fire Drill (am)

Wednesday, May 4th- (Day 5)

  • TTFM Surveys
  • Intermediates to Summer Safety Days @ St. Lawrence
  • LCVI Road Race
  • Police Board Protocol (Jenn away am)
  • Tammy Giles visiting (pm)

Thursday, May 5th- (Day 1)

  • Staff Meeting (8:00 start, details to follow)
  • Intermediate Reading Group 8:15 am library
  • TTFM Surveys
  • Local Government Day for Grade 5s @ SPC
  • Second Junior Basketball Tournament (Gallupe and Bridgen),
  • Mark Ryan @ SVIEW (SEA equipment & EQAO assistance)

Friday, May 6th (Day 2)

  • TTFM Surveys (closes May 6th)

  • Paul's Pizza
  • Tiffany @ Staffing (all day)
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