A Review of 2015

The good and bad things that came from 2015

2015 in review

2015 was a crazy year with all the big events that happened, so here are some of the biggest entertainment events that took place throughout the year.

Biggest sports moments in 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement: Stay more organized.

Family and Friends: Spend more time with both family and friends.

School and the Outside World: Do well in school and explore the outside world more.

Best Products in 2015

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Worst Products of 2015

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Best two movies of 2015

My two favorite movies from 2015 were Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the Hateful Eight. Both were advertised on tv as well on billboards and magazines.

Two most influential artists of 2015

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Wacka Flocka Flame

Wacka Flacka marketed his music through saying that he was going to run for president, which got him a lot of publicity and made his music more popular.
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Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan marketed his music through being in many rap songs in 2015. This made him very popular in the rap game.

Top 5 Most Influential People of 2015

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Not a good influence, but one none the less. They made the news almost every week through their acts of terror and countless terrible deeds.
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Donald Trump

Another bad influence, Trump made the news through his campaign for presidency on the Republican ticket. The news would focus on all the crazy and terrible stuff he said, even though that's just giving him more publicity and making him more popular.
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DJ Khaled

The first good influence on this list, he was popular for his "Keys to Success" Snap chats, where he would say random stuff to help you become successful.
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Cam Newton

Another good influence and the king of end zone dances, he would give the game ball to kids with disabilities or fans in the crowd. He probably cost the NFL quite a bit of money by giving all those footballs away.
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Really I don't know if they are a good or bad influence, all I know is that they brought us the dab which is still popular and doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon.