The BIG Day!

General Body Meeting | Executive Board Announcements

Hello AIESEC in Kolkata!

With just 14 Days left for this beautiful Year of Possibilities to come to a close, Udaan : The Executive Board of 2014, warmly welcomes each one of you to witness history!

Over the Years, many Teams in AIESEC have come & gone, but the Executive Board of each and every year has been remembered for the sheer courage,grit, determination & passion with which they stood strong & tall, till the very end.

The QuarterBacks : Executive Board of AIESEC in Kolkata for 2011

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Revolution: Executive Board of AIESEC in Kolkata for 2012

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Astitva: Executive Board of AIESEC in Kolkata for 2013

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Udaan : Executive Board of AIESEC in Kolkata for 2014

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????: Executive Board of AIESEC in Kolkata for 2015

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AIESEC in Kolkata, you are cordially invited to Witness History :)

Executive Board Announcements of AIESEC in Kolkata for the Year 2015 will be held on the 18th of December,2014

Reporting Time : 3 PM


Aman Ajmera's Terrace

44/2, Sarat Bose Road

Kolkata- 700020

Matru Chhaya Building

Landmark:Opposite Jai Hind

For directions, please contact Aman Ajmera on +91 9051096219

Things to note-

Dress Code is casuals for all. However applicants are requested to carry an extra pair of clothes

All Applicants are to carry a sum of Rs 1000/- The luck ones get to spend it :)

Attendance is mandatory for everyone- Any Leave emails need to be sent to the LCP (Apurva Vurity), LCPe (Pratik Mavadia), VP TM(myself) & Department VP's until 17th December 12 midnight latest.

On that Note, see you all on the 18th!

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