Pirate and Mineral Conflicts

Pirates in Somalia

Admiral Giovanni Gumiero of the Italian Navy is on a pirate hunt in the Indian Ocean off the Somalian Coast. He has all the modern tools-radar, sonar, infrared cameras, helicopters, and a cannon that can sink a ship 10 miles away! Somalian pirates have attacked 30 vessels in the last few months.The pirates are usually armed with only assault rifles. They use fast moving boats to pull alongside their prey, and scamper on board with ladders. Once on deck they usually hold the crew at gunpoint until a ransom is paid, usually 1-2 million. It is estimated that Somali pirates netted as much as $120 million in ransom payments. Somalia has been without a real government since 1991 and is dominated by armed gangs. Piracy is getting out of control! Stopping the pirates won’t be easy because they are sea savvy and fearless. Piracy is a problem because not only are they stealing money but are threatening to choke off one of the busiest shipping arteries in the world. Italian naval officers say the piracy patrols are helping and have already saved several merchant vessels by scaring off the surrounding pirates.

Minerals in Congo

Big companies like Apple, Intel, and Research in Motion get materials to make their technology devices from Congo, this material is called Tantalum. These big companies are getting bashed on because the material they use from Congo is creating violence. This violence includes, raping of women that can destroy their insides, women have been mutilated and children have been forced to eat their parents. People accuse Apple of putting conflict minerals in their products. However, Apple denies the accusation by saying that their suppliers say there isn’t. Consumers say that they’re afraid that Apple products may be used to enrich brutal militias with the assumed conflict minerals within the devices. People are just worried that the devices they use aid sadistic militias in a brutal war in foreign countries.In June protesters demonstrated outside the grand opening of an Apple store in Washington D.C., demanding that the company commit to using only “clean minerals”. Activists blanketed Intel’s Facebook in May. Intel disabled comments creating a stink that called more attention to blood minerals than human rights campaigners ever could. U.S. financial reform legislation includes that companies report on their use of conflict minerals. Eastern Congo is the site of most lethal conflict since World War Two. It’s widely described as the rape capital of the world. There war had claimed over 5.4 million lives.