Week 4

Hello All!

I am praying for you on this fine September morning! How are you doing with your strategy work session each week? I know it is an easy thing to get pushed off the agenda by more urgent issues. Try to guard this 1.5 hours each week as taking these small steps will help you to set your area up for great things during our next outreach season.

Here is this week's task:

Find 3 individuals who would like to be part of your outreach team. These three individuals will do 3 information meetings during January through June. They will be able to attend a "How to do an Information Meeting" training, given catalogs, covered in prayer, and sent out.

How do you find those individuals? Ask your directors who in their community is passionate about CC, refers their friends and family, loves to speak in public or is a "talker". Then call them and ask! If it wasn't for someone who was volunteering their time to reach out I would have never heard about CC. Many of our families would love to help let others know about how Classical Conversations has impacted their family.

Send their name, email and phone number to:

May the Lord bless your week!

Melisa Weaver

Classical Conversations Sales Director - Great Lakes