Africa's lands

Jireth G

Africa's land

Congo river

One fact is that because congo has a constant flow it's africa's biggest potential for hydropower and it's one of the largest rivers in the world.Some of the thing that would be fun to do would be the Les rapids water falls and see the first church ever built.

Mount kilimanjaro

One fact is that coffee grows in the southern slopes and it's the highest mountain in africa.Two tourist things to do would be to go on climbing tours and ndoro water fall.

Kalahari desert

One fact that I think is cool is that most of the desert is covered in red sand and the whole desert has the span of 3 countries.Some tourist things to do would be safari tours and star gazing.

atlantic ocean

One fact is that it's the second largest ocean and it has a "S" shape , but some of the fun things to do would be rainbow charters and go on a jet ski through the ocean.