Special Delivery!

Email Marketing Webinar

For People Who Aren't Getting Leads, Referrals & Repeat Business

If you’ve been sending out email newsletters and promotions with no response then something’s wrong. How can I say that? Because it’s a fact that email marketing works. Trouble is that no one’s taught you exactly how to make your email marketing profitable. Yes, profitable.

With the expert advice of my special guest, DJ Waldow and my own experience, we will help you uncover the mysteries of email marketing. Learn more about DJ and other details including registration at: www.rosiemedia.com/special-delivery.


  • 9am: Get that Email Opened! Create the Right Subject Line & Content to Back It Up
  • 10am: Email Eye Candy: Design email that your customers will actually read
  • 11am: Get Them to Act!: DJ Waldow will show you how to craft a strong call to action that’s irresistible
  • Live Q&A/Wrap Up