Mycobacterium Tuberculosis


  • Tuberculosis or TB is a bacterial disease that lives in soil
  • The bacteria is also found in cows
  • Affects lungs, but can be found in any organ
  • You can have dormant TB
- You have the bacteria but don't get sick or show symptoms


  • TB is a bacteria
  • TB is spread through the air by the cough or sneeze of an infected person
  • Particles can stay in the air for 5 hours


First stage
  • Fever, nights sweats, loss of appetite and weight loss

Later stage
  • Chest pain, cough and bloody sputum


  • Antibiotics
-Taken over 6-12 months to kill of remaining bacteria

  • Before the vaccines, patients were sent to sanatariums
  • They were sent outside for fresh air with a sandbag on their chest to "work" their lungs
  • If patients stayed the same or got worse, diseased part of lung was removed


  • A drug used in some countries lowers chances but doesn't prevent, not used in U.S
  • A new vaccine in clinical trial as of 2014 is made for treatment and prevention


Occurs most in:

  • Developing countries
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Southeast Asia
  • Western Pacific
  • People with AIDS


  • 1.5 million die each year
  • 2-3 in every 100,000 people in U.S. and Canada each year
  • Most people survive if diagnosed and treated right away
  • If drug-resistant, depends on ability to remove affected tissue

Current Events

  • In March 2015, 27 people at a Kansas high school were diagnosed with TB after one student caught it
  • In Kansas, in 2012, only 42 were diagnosed

Tuberculosis Statistics

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