Spanish 1 - Update

End of quarter 1 approaching

All work must be completed by 10/10/2014

Buenos Días, Just want to give you a heads up today on our progress in Spanish 1. We start Unidad 4, Mi Familia, this week. Many students are doing beautiful work and progressing nicely. However, we have quite a few stragglers who are still working in Unidad 2 (Mi Escuela) and a handful who have not finished Unidad 1 (Conversación Básica) yet. While there is no penalty for late work, students are expected to finish each of the quarter's assigned work ON TIME. Please take a few minutes and check on your student's progress. Have them show you their grades for all the assignments we have done. There are a lot!

Encourage them to do all the speaking assignments (2 per unit), writing assignments (2-3 per unit), the cultural activity (1 per unit - in English), the RLC (Required Live Class - 1 per unit), and most importantly because it counts 25%, the final project (1 per unit) which replaces a unit exam. Students cannot pass this class if they skip the final projects and cultural activities. All work must be completed by midnight, Friday, October 10th.

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