WJH Symphonic Band

January Update

Look Forward to Monthly Newsletters!

We have decided to start sending home monthly newsletters to all band parents and guardians. You should receive one of these during the first week of every month while we are in school. These will include reminders, as well as new information regarding band assignments, assessments, and activities. With the growing size of our band, we hope that this will help keep everyone informed. As always, please feel free to email or call us at any time with questions, comments, or concerns!


We know it is late in the year to be setting this up, but we wanted to give it a shot. If you've never heard of it, "Remind" is a service that many teachers are using to send updates to students and parents via phone. Basically, we will send out reminders to everyone who registers with "Remind," and these reminders will show up in the form of a text message. For instructions on how to sign up, please click here.

After School Lessons

Many of our students have been staying after school throughout the year to receive extra tutoring on their individual instruments. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to provide one on one instruction after school. We may have some optional tutoring going on later in the year... but that is still to be decided. Please do not allow your child to stay after school for band in the future, unless you receive a letter or email from Mr. Will or Mr. Perez.

Rhythm Chart Testing!

We have our first testing day for rhythm charts on Tuesday, January 19th. These tests are pass/fail, and are worth 50 points. Grades will be posted on Powerschool by Friday, January 22nd. Please check to make sure that your child has passed his or her first rhythm chart for this grading period! We will send out a reminder via "Remind" texting, as well as our email list.

Upcoming Performances!

If your child was selected as a Parish or District Honor band member, please click below to see details for his or her upcoming mandatory performance:

Parish Honor Band Details

District Honor Band Details

Directions to Pottle Music Building

Following these honor bands, our next performance will be for Parish Festival, which is on Feb. 20th. This is mandatory for all members. For a complete list of performances, please refer to your band handbook.

South Walker Elementary Mini-Tour

This year we were invited to do an extra performance at South Walker Elementary! This performance will occur during the school day on Monday, January 11th at South Walker Elementary (lunch will be provided). Transportation to South Walker and back to Westside. We will be back at school some time during 5th hour. A permission slip will be sent home and can also be found here in case you would like another copy.