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Hi! I'm Mason and I am the leader of the Smore Newsletter and my assistant (and also my friend!) is Mei-Lin. I would also like to welcome Adam to our Smore group. We have a new update on our newsletter and we hope you like it. Enjoy!
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Smore Staff

Mission San Luis Rey

Fascinating Fantastic Field Trip!

Behold the San Luis Rey Mission! It was once one of the biggest buildings in California, but it is still a very luminous site to see! The site has been used for many purposes. For instance, the Native American women used the laundry which was called the lavanderia. They used it to bathe themselves and clean their clothes for their family. Lavanderia means “laundry” in Spanish. There are many more facts I will tell you; right after I eat a pepper!


Delicious! Oh! Do you know why I ate a pepper? The fact that I’m going to tell you about is actually about a pepper tree! Way back in 1830, a man planted a pepper tree right in the middle of the mission's garden! It is known as the first pepper tree planted in California. When I saw this particular pepper tree, I loved the way it looked! It had a glowing green color with polished miniature peppers! I don’t know about what you, but I thought they were adorable!

The mission also had the very first school in California. The size of the school wouldn’t be the average size of a normal school today. It was about the size of a small house or possibly the inside of a one-story apartment. The stairs to the school were painted white. It made sense that its creamy white paint was tearing off and wood was peeking through, since it was centuries old! It probably holds many secrets, but I want you to discover them yourself!

Maybe I can just spoil one more secret. There are bells that are used for communication! If you ever go there, oh boy! You’re going to hear the bells every 15 minutes. The bells are automatic, and the ringing can be repetitive and monotonous.

I hope you enjoyed my article and have the loveliest day! (I'm sorry if you find this article short. I promise the next one will be more fascinating and novel.)


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Hour of Code

Hello E-33 parents and students! Today my article is about the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a website that teaches kids and adults how to code in a fun way. The Hour of Code even shows you code in java script, the most highly used language computers use. You can make your own apps or draw pictures easily! Plus, you can share them with your friends and families! They have cool tutorials too! You can code in the world of Minecraft, Star Wars (The Force Awakens), Angry Birds, Frozen, Flappy Bird, and even in Disney! So go onto and do an Hour of Code!


Magnificent Mrs. Mihalik

Have you ever met our awesome 4th grade teacher Mrs.Mihalik? Mrs. Mihalik thinks her job is so much fun. Do you know what she does on her lunch break? Well, sometimes she grades her students' work and sometimes forgets to eat her lunch!!!! She also lets kids come in to play chess and work on our Karana house. She doesn't just love her class, but she also loves Westwood because it has the best students. She wanted to be a teacher for a long time, and she thinks she has the best job in the world. Do you know who her favorite superhero is? Well, the kids in E-33 are all her superheroes!!!! That's our teacher, Mrs.Mihalik!!!!!

-Pranavi and Noah

Fun for lunch!

Westwood Elementary's Fantastic Librarian

Hello! It's Ayane and Abby here to share our newest article. We hope you enjoy!

Westwood Elementary's fantastic librarian Mrs. Fleming is one of our amazing superstars here at our school! She reads to children almost every day! Here are three things that you probably didn't know about Mrs.Fleming! Enjoy!!!!

  • Mrs.Fleming has been interested in books for a long time. She says,"I think that there is a book out there for everyone even if it takes a long time to find the right book for you." What a nice quote!

  • Mrs. Fleming's favorite book to read to children is called King Of The Wind because she always adored horses as well as other animals. For example, her mother was never a cat person, but she remembers through all her time living with her mother, she always had cats.

  • Mrs. Fleming lived on a farm and grew up in Oregon, moved to CA in 6th grade, and her best sport was swimming.

We hope that you enjoyed!!!!!

-Ayane & Abby

The Wonderful Smore Team

Hi, my name is Elliot and I am part of the Smore team. We write articles about our school like I am doing right now. We have a lot of people who read the Smore newsletter. Our September newsletter had 77 views, the October issue had 150 views, and our November newsletter had 97 views! It is cool how many people read the articles we wrote. Our Smore team is a good group to work with, and I am proud of our teamwork. The way you get onto the Smore team is that you have to pass fourth grade level of Lexia which is Level 15 and 16. Thanks for reading.


Which is Better? NXT or LEGO MINDSTORMS?

By Steoshan (Stephen+Roshan)

(NXT and LEGO MINDSTORMS are like electronic LEGOS.)


Vroom! NXT is better than LEGO MINDSTORMS because NXT has more hi-tech sensors!


But LEGO MINDSTORMS are better than NXT because it is easy to handle and you can easily make machines without trying to figure out how to build the program!!!


But NXT is easier to build!


LEGO MINDSTORMS are better because the program is easier to build and the parts are easy to build. But for NXT, the program is harder to build.


Okay... LEGO MINDSTORMS are better.

What do you think, reader?

New Year, New Goals

It's a new year Westwood! And that means new goals for 2016! What can we do to improve ourselves with the Westwood Way? Our Westwood Way lesson was about respect. Try to treat everyone equally, no matter what they look like or where they are from. Respect animals that live in Westwood! Imagine if you were an animal and someone tried to... well, kill you. Remember, they're living and breathing, too. Be nice to everyone. (Well... maybe not strangers, though.) Try to keep that flowing, too. Treat other people and creatures the way you want to be treated, right? Those were only a few suggestions on how to be better at Westwood for the New Year!

Fabi and Sophia

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Compass Learning December Challenge!

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Gemological Institute of America

On January 12, 2016 our class got to meet people that work with gems and minerals. They showed us the Mohs scale of hardness. A diamond is the hardest mineral. We also learned about gemology and how it works. We got to work with a microscope to see gems and worked with light pens. We saw phenomena gems. We got to test with quartz by scratching it on other gems to see if it left a mark. We learned that a rock is a combination of minerals and are the building blocks of the earth. They tell a story about the Earth and how it was formed. Some rocks form at or near the Earth's surface, others form deep in the Earth's crust or in the middle layer of the earth called the mantle. We got posters, a pencil, and a workbook to take home. The GIA program was very interesting and we learned a lot.


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There is a kind of creature called a hare. And another kind of creature called a rabbit which is very similar. I will be listing differences between hares and rabbits. Here are some:

1- Hares are faster and bigger.

2-Hares have bigger ears and feet.

3-Hares have black markings on their fur.

Those are just some of the many differences. It would take me forever to list all the facts.

Thanks for reading my article. This article has come to you from Ethan Gravin.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

"We're with ya, Poe!" That is a Resistance X Wing pilot quote to Poe Dameron, star pilot of the Resistance from Episode VII, The Force Awakens! This Star Wars film was made by Disney after Lucasfilm sold Star Wars to Disney. (I know! Big shock, right?) Here is a partial summary about the movie for people who haven't seen it. (We don't want to spoil the spectacular movie for them!) There is a new masked Sith called Kylo Ren who leads the First Order, a new empire looking for BB-8, a droid, who has the missing piece of a map to find Luke Skywalker. (If you don't know who Luke Skywalker is, watch the classics. They are AWESOME.) We give thanks to J.J Abrams for continuing the Star Wars saga. If he hadn't, the saga would have been destroyed. Now on to the excitement! Let's see the votes! This is about how many students in E-33 like or dislike Episode VII. Thirteen people liked the movie (I can tell) and nine people were disappointed. Some people say that it was a complete copy of Episode IV, A New Hope, my personal favorite. Others say that it's an astounding and shocking piece of Star Wars. What do you feel? Is it good or bad? Your choice! As always, may the Force be with you. (Said by many Jedi and maybe some Sith.)

Below is a picture of Kylo Ren. (I know. It looks WICKED.) Thanks for reading my article!

-Mason S. Lee

Star Wars picture credit:

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Pajama Day!

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Scholastic Book Fair: February 8-12