Roanoke Island

Seth Lineberry

The Beginning

In 1585 the English colonists tried to settle Roanoke island. In 1586 they started to run low on food supplies, so they returned to England. In 1587 the second group of colonists disappeared from Roanoke island.

What happened to the group of colonists

We don't know what happened to that group of colonists that disappeared. They never knew what happened to them, but maybe they died because of low food supplies, Then again, they could of died because of bad drinking water.

A different group

In 1584 another group led by Phillip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe found Roanoke Island before the English. They also left the island for unknown reasons.

How they survived

They didn't stay there for long because of low food supplies. While they were there, they had boats, guns, and tools. Their resources were wood, which they made houses, forts, and boats, and plants for food and medicine.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth gave a charter to the second group so they could claim the land for her. Plus, you know land equals power.