Roadtrip USA

By: Katie Belmore


Imagine being stuck at home in the middle of a freezing winter. You’re bored, you’ve watched everything on your Netflix list twice over and you’ve read every book you own at least 50 times. You’ve stalked all of social media. Wouldn’t getting out of the house, city and state be hecka rad? You can then visit Disneyland in California, soak in the sunny rays of Florida, or even see the beautiful Statue of Liberty in New York.


California’s long list of places to eat includes In-N-Out, Boba Tea House, The Blind Barber, The Grilled Cheese Truck, and so many others. They offer foods from many different cultures like Indian, Thai, Spanish and Southern, and tons of others like this. California’s food also accommodates many different lifestyles in their cuisine such as Mediterranean, Vegetarianism, Veganism, etc. Whatever you’re eating in California it’s probably extremely tasty!
One of California’s many attractions is Disneyland which is the original theme park for the Disney enterprise. Another tourist attraction is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this is a well known place to worship the celebrities of the world. California is just littered with things to do, you would be busy all the time.


A popular restaurant in Florida includes the Key Plaza Creperie, which serves classic breakfast foods it is rated as the number one restaurant in Key West, Florida. Another restaurant that seems to be popular in the Floridian community is the Vero Italian Restaurant, this restaurant was reviewed as number one in Miami. The last restaurant in number one in Orlando, it is called Victoria & Albert’s, it is inside Disney World and is loved throughout.
Florida is the kind of state that will keep you on your toes. Adventure around every corner, along with some kind of sweet or breakfast food. Famous for their oranges, of course they’ll have those too. Want to go skydiving, parasailing, jet skiing, or other exciting things like that? Florida’s got you covered. Want to relax by a pool, ocean, or restaurant? Visit Florida. Ready to perfect your tan, beach bod, or anything else? Florida is the place to be.

New York

Tourist attractions like The Statue of Liberty, which stands 305 feet tall, is seen as a sign of freedom it was the thing that was seen as 12 million immigrants traveled by boat to Ellis Island where they were inspected and allowed or denied entry into America. Other attractions in New York are the Empire State Building, this building is 1,454 feet tall, and Central Park, this park is famous for holding concerts, protests//rallies, demonstrations, and festivals.
A unique place to eat in New York is The Pennsy, which is a food court ((meaning there is a wide variety of foods)) located next to Penn Station. Two restaurants that are vegetarian//vegan friendly are 00+Co, which is a vegan friendly pizzeria, and Nix, which is a vegetarian friendly meal place in Manhattan. A South Korean fresh foods cafe called The Lucky Bee, also located in Manhattan, serves food from a farm straight to the table, with a 60’s diner feel, you’re sure to enjoy your experience.


So don’t laze around all day, wasting time with nothing to do. Take a roadtrip, go somewhere interesting, refreshing, relaxing, fun. Whether it be California, Florida, New York, or somewhere not mentioned in this essay, go where you want to go. Just don’t stay home and bore yourself to death.

Compare and Contrast between Disneyland and Disney World

Disneyland is the original DIsney theme park, it was the one designed by Walt Disney himself. Disney World is the second Disney theme park that is bigger than than Disneyland. It is the biggest Disney related theme Park and has rides like the Enchanted Tiki Room, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaids. Whereas Disneyland's rides include the Haunted Flight, Peter Pan's Flight, and the Mad Tea Party. Another difference between the two is, Disney World has around 2 dozen hotels, Disneyland has 3. Walt said Disneyland was perfect, and that he didn't want to change a thing about it, but he did say that he wanted to have a bubble for his next theme park so that it was secluded from the outside world.