Mobile Learning Apps

That could be used in Education!


VoiceThread is a multimedia slideshow presentation that holds images, audio and documents, and allows people to navigate them from anywhere, and at anytime. This app also has commenting and doodling options making the slideshow more collaborative!

How a VoiceThread can be used in the K-12 setting:

In a Classroom:

A VoiceThread allows mobile learning to be done at anytime, anywhere, and at any pace! It can be used for a variety of things in a classroom, but a major example is for a reversed classroom! For example, a mathematics teacher could pre-record his lessons using VoiceThread and have the students watch these videos on their own as their homework!

Poll Everywhere

Polleverywhere is an online response system! It allows teachers to generate questions which students can respond to through their mobile devices, providing immediate feedback of the students understanding.

How Poll Everywhere can be used in a K-12 Setting:

Poll Every where offers a great alternative to having children raising their hands. With this tool, students can answer classroom questions through their mobile devices allowing the feedback to come from the entire class rather than just a few students who are brave enough to put their hand up. This device can be used in many ways in a classroom. For example a high school social studies teacher can use the device to test the students on their understanding of the history, to see how much they already know about the subject matter.


Mobl21 gives students instant access to valuable learning material such as flashcards, quizzes and study guides that their teacher has made from anywhere, and at anytime. As a result, students can now make use of those idle minutes between classes, or commuting, to glance through notes or review material before the next class

How Mobl21 can be used in a K-12 Setting:

Mobl21 brings the content to the student. It can be used in almost every classroom because the content of the flashcards, study guides, and quizzes can be customized for each classroom! For example, A Math teacher can use this tool to create quizzes on the content of the lessons, which students can do whenever they want to to gain more experience answering the questions!


Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on a variety of Mobile Devices. This device uses real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization, teachers can gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding.

How Socrative can be used in a K-12 Setting:

Socrative is another customizable application that can assist mobile learning. It is a combination of Poll everywhere and Mobl21 because it provides instant feedback through polls and quizzes. The anonymity it allows for can encourage shy or quiet students to be more engaged within the classroom. For example, a chemistry teacher could use the space races for study review to see which topics the students are struggling with, and which students need additional help.


The Exoplanet app is a highly visual and interactive catalogue of all known exoplanets. It is updated within hours whenever new discoveries are confirmed. An amazing model of the Milky Way lets you explore our universe all the way from the surface of the Earth to the Milky Way and the cosmic microwave background.

How ExoPlanet can be used in a K-12 Setting:

ExoPlanet is geared towards a science class! It provides great visuals of the planets, and provides a great amount of information on planetary explorations. I would use this tool as a visual for students to introduce the subject!