The Colonies Win The War !

How is this possible ?

How is this even possible ? Against all the odds !

The British were well supplied, they had much more experience, they had more soldiers, and they also recruited many loyalists, african-americans, and american indians. But somehow, the colonies won! The colonies were short on men, they had food shortages, the guns and powder were very scarce, they had way less experience.

But Don't Look Away Now...

How the underdogs won the war !

The Colonies had patriotism, we also had a great leader , George Washington. He helped us very much. The British had poor leadership, unlike us. One of their weaknesses was the distance, since they were across the ocean, it was hard for them to fight. We also have to thank the French. They helped us a lot, they secretly aided the Colonies. Some also joined the Colonies to fight against the Redcoats.

The War Wasn't Easy...

Although it might seem easy because the French helped us, it was not. Many soldiers starved for days. When they marched the ice cut their ankles and left a trail of blood. The were soldiers of all ages, there was no age limit to sign up. As a private you would have earned $6.67. That's not very good. But the real patriots fought for our independence. Some African-Americans joined the Redcoats, as they were afraid to lose.


This inspired the French to have their own revolution.