Animals in Preserves

The Aoudad is currently residing in preserves in New Mexico, Texas, and California

The Aoudad was brought to the US to be showcased in zoos. They over breeded which caused an excess amount so they released them in various preserves to maintain a wild population in the US.

The Aoudad is originally from North Africa, Morocco and western Sahara to Egypt and Sudan

Their natural habitat is the desert, or dry mountainous areas.

The Aoudads diet includes grasses, bushes, leaves, pods, and fruits.

Their lifespan in the wild is 10-15 years

Their lifespan in the wild is also 10-15 years

Their general offspring count is 1-2

They live in small family groups

They are considered a SHEEP

The Aoudad population is dwindling

There are only about 5000-10,000 individual Aoudads

The Addax

This is another endangered African animal

The Addax is a large antelope but way better

The Addax is a desert animal and it barley ever needs water except the few drops it gets from eating plants.

The Addax is native to North Africa

There are only a few hundred left in the wild
Zack Gregory Aoudad
Romping Addax Antelope