By Manuel and Gus

What is cloning

Biological entity to produce genetically identical copies of a living thing, and also biological materials like.




-entire organism

Careers involved

Scientist in labs doing cloning projects. Universities that teach cloning and how to do the process.hospitals used cloned organs or some body parts like ears or nails to transplant in a patient

Ethical Issues

Cloning can be a good thing but many also view it as a bad thing. If cloning is done successful it could save many endangered species. But many people view cloning as a bad thing because they don't believe that a human should act as god.
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Cloning news

Scientist are trying to clone the mammoth and other extinct animals back but all of this could turn out to be an epic fail. But if the cloning was successful than that would be very cool. It would be nice to see all the animals that could be brought back with cloning.
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