The American Revolution

By: Quinn Collins

What was the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was a war between the Continental Army (the citizens of the 13 colonies) and Britain. Britain was in control of the 13 colonies along with many other pieces of land around the world. Britain was the most powerful country at the time. It was giving the 13 colonies unnecessary taxes, laws, and regulations that made the Americans rebel against them. The rebellion got so bad, that a war started. This war was called to Revolutionary War. The war took place on the coast of what is now America. (The 13 Colonies)

The Pro's and Con's for Britain


Britain was a wealthy country who owned many other pieces of land around the world. Since it had many other people in their countries, they could have their people pay for the war. More money meant more weapons, food, shelter, and overall better living conditions. Which is something the Americans did not have. Britain also had experienced leaders and soldiers. And a lot of them! Their experience made them look better and more intimidating against the 13 colonies.


The war took place in America, along the coast. Britain soldiers all lived in Britain obviously, so they had to travel a lot more than the Americans! And even though they had the money for all the things needed for war, it took a lot of money and time to take them to America. This war was very expensive. And the people from Britain weren't quite sure if it was worth it. King George III tried convincing them that it would give them more power. But they weren't quite convinced. Some soldiers started quitting. And replacing them took time and money.

Pros and Cons for the 13 Colonies


The citizens of the 13 Colonies were very motivated. And what got them motivated, was a document that forever changed history. The Declaration of Independence. This document talked about the wanted freedom and independence from Britain. The French were a big help to the Americans during the war! The French were also being controlled by Britain. And they were there for the 13 Colonies. In the middle of the war, the harsh conditions made it much harder to continue fighting. To keep them fighting, a pamphlet by Thomas Paine called The Crisis was read aloud to the soldiers. It kept them going. Even though the readings helped the soldiers, they still had a lot of motivation! The idea of freedom of Britain. Freedom for their wives and kids. They knew it would be worth it. And that's something Britain and it's people weren't so sure of.


The 13 Colonies were definitely not as wealthy as Britain. They weren't very big and didn't have as much soldiers. Which was a big set back. Since they were short on money, they were not very well trained. But the French did come and send a couple people to trained them. Which helped a lot. Money could buy a lot in a war. Guns, powder, food, shelter, clothing, etc. And money, was something the 13 Colonies did not have a lot of. So you could imagine how difficult it would have been for them. being barefoot in the snow, leaving a trail of blood. Having to fight the war while starving. And being low on ammo. It's obvious that the 13 Colonies had it much harder. But the motivation and support the 13 Colonies had helped them win the war!

The Americans won the war and got freedom from Britain!

How the war affected the rest of the world

When the Americans won the war, it was big! People from all over the world heard the news. And a lot of people were surprised. All odds were against them. The underdogs won. And that gave other people under the rule of Britain hope that maybe they could get freedom too! Specifically the French. They were under the rule of Britain and wanted that to change! And it caused the French Revolution. Which is a whole different war!