The Reconstruction By Gavin Krezel

Explanation to Exhibit Video

Slide 1: Abraham Lincoln

I put this slide in my video because it was at the start of reconstruction. I also put it because it was part of what made reconstruction harder for the north and the south. I put detail about Lincoln's plan and what it said. That was important during reconstruction, because if his plan got accepted, I don't think that reconstruction would have lasted as long.

Slide 2: The 13th Amendment

I put this in my video because this was one of the most important things in reconstruction. The 13th Amendment was the amendment that freed all the slaves, and if the slaves were never freed, then our world would be terrible for the African American people. Slavery was very important to the south at that time, and since they lost the war, they had less people to work all of the fields, which caused a downfall in economy in the south.

Slide 3: the 14th Amendment

I put the 14th Amendment, because it was very important to the freedmen. It said that nobody can have their rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness taken away from them. This was important to the freedmen because it prevented them from immediately being slaves again. They didn't want their brand new set of rights confiscated.

Slide 4: The 15th Amendment

I put this in my video because it was also very important to the freedmen. It said that any U.S. citizen could vote regardless of their race or color. It allowed the freedmen to vote, but the southern states put up literacy tests and taxes that were difficult for most freedmen to pass.

Slide 5: Freedmen's Bureau

I put this in my video because it was important to the freedmen's education. The Freedmen's Bureau helped colored people who needed education and help with skills such as sewing. This showed that people didn't care about the racial inferiority that many people believed in. This helped people get into colleges and get better jobs during this time.

Slide 6: Civil Rights Act of 1866

This was important to many people that believed "separate but equal" was dumb. This helped them because the Civil Rights Act gave colored people the opportunity to enjoy the same rights as white people. This made life more fair for colored people

Slide 7: Jim Crow Laws

I put this in my video because this was important to people who thought that colored people were inferior to whites. The Jim Crow Laws were set up to ensure that colored people stayed in line where the white people thought they should be. This was so intense, that many colored people got arrested for insulting white people, going into a bathroom for white people, or even sitting in the same seat as them!

Slide 8: Wade Davis Plan

I put this in my video because this was important to northerners who wanted the southerners to be punished. The Wade Davis Plan was that 50% of eligible voters had to swear an allegiance to a Union, their new state constitutions had to ban slavery, and former Confederate leaders could not hold office. Many northerners wanted the southerners to be punished because they wanted revenge for all their dead and wounded friends and family.

Project Enhancement

I added music to my project. I added a slow-ish music that sounded kind of sad. I did this to add a since of emotion, because the Reconstruction Period probably wasn't the happiest time.