Hit the Ground Running in 2016

Beaumont Elementary School

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

I trust you have all had a wonderful time with your friends and family. I certainly did, but I am rested, renewed, and ready to hit the ground running and accomplish great things at Beaumont! I will not provide too much reading in this bulletin...enough to get things rolling!

Thank you!

It was certainly a huge blessing to reflect over the break on the community outreach that came from our Beaumont staff in the month of December. THANK YOU for caring, loving , and giving to our Beaumont Families!


January is a perfect opportunity to "shore up" where you might have let things go in the area of STRUCTURE. As we begin with students tomorrow, I would like to see that there is an emphasis being placed on this once again. If this is an area of struggle for you, now is the time to correct things before the students get back in to old habits. Address it often. We should see...

1. Student Lines for movement across the campus.

2. An effective system in place for appropriate classroom management.

I have sent emails to those who need to address this area fervently.

Thank You!

Change for January Staff Meeting

Unfortunately, there is a District Training for Testing Coordinators, and I am required to attend. So, I need to move the Staff Meeting to Thursday instead of Wednesday for this week. If you have schedule conflicts for Thursday, please let me know as soon as possible. I may need to find an alternative data altogether.

Direction for ELA Instruction

Kelly and I had the opportunity to meet, discuss, and plan for the Instruction that needs to take place during the ELA Block. We will be sharing a plan with you in our upcoming Staff Meeting.

Looking Forward to a Prosperous 2016 in the area of Student Achievement!