Social Development 9-11 Year Old

Genevith and gaby

9 year old Milestones

  • Recognize basic social norms and appropriate behavior
  • Have caring,solid friendships
  • Are curious about relationships between boys and girls
  • But not interested in the opposite gender yet
  • Can control their anger most of the time
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Group activities are important

10 year old Milestones

  • Enjoy being with their friends
  • May become deeply attached with their best friend
  • Friendships are very important
  • Prefer to work in groups in cooperative activities
  • They often have a best friend of the same gender
  • Enjoy team and group activities
  • They insist that they aren't interested in the oppisite sex but they show off,tease or act sill as a way to get their attention.
  • Like and listen to their parents

11 year old Milestones

  • Want's parents help but may resist when offered.
  • Is critical of parents.
  • Is concerned with prestige and popularity.
  • Likes to belong to a group and be like others.
  • Becomes quite faddish.
  • Self aware
  • Prefers to spend time on weekends with friends.
  • Friendships may change due to different levels of maturity.
  • Is very aware of the opposite sex.


Friendships are very important to 9-11 year olds. They enjoy playing with someone who likes the same things as them. They form stronger, more complex friendship and peer relationships. It becomes more emotionally important to have friends, especially of the same sex. They spend more time with their friends and become more independent from their parents. They are more interested in having sleepovers with friends and play dates.

Peer pressure

Healthy friendships are very important to a Childs development,but peer pressure can be come strong during this time.children who feel good about themselves are more able to resist negative peer pressure and make better choices for themselves.This is an important time for a child to gain sense of responsibility along with their growing independence.
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