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Kevin Avery Found Dead

Reporting live from Hastriou hospital the nurse here at the hospital just told us that Kevin's heart got to big for his body so he died. Freaks best friend was Max Kane when he figured out Freak died he was so upset. freaks mom Gwen Dillon moved to California and found a new boyfriend.

What A Surprise

When max was about to get strangled freak came in and squirted killer Kane with a squirt gun mixed with chemicals. Kane thought it was acid so he thought his eyes were burning. Max ran for his life with Freak on his shoulders. The cops were outside and he was safe with Iggy and Loretta Lee.

Where Did He Go?

One night Max was gone and nobody could find him, turns out max was with his dad Killer Kane. Kane took max to Iggys house Iggy told Kane to get some where to live so they moved to Loretta's friend. Her friend was out of town so they just stayed there until she got back. Then Freak saved him.

Max Gets Moved Up

Max got moved up to freaks grade because they think he will work better if he goes in freaks class. Also this would help freak gt around the school. Turns out the first day they get sent to the principles office i do not think they should be in the same class.
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