Vanessa Hart gets well.

Dr. Prather and Dr. Ownby.

Patiepnt background

Vanessa is a 72 year old woman with 16 grandchildren that had a severe heart condition that has already been tried to be treated with a minor stent, she has stopped going to the cardiologist. She is suffering from pain in her back and upper arm.

Outlining Medical Issues.

Many heart issues differ in intensity and damage to your body. First is the well known heart attack, this will cause severe damage to the heart and body maybe even death. This is caused by plaque build up in the coronary artery stopping blood flow to any area of the heart. Then we have the stroke, its kind of like a heart attack but this can occur in any part of the body at any time. This just like the heart attack is caused by plaque build up in the blood vessels. Then we have Angina which is caused by atherosclerosis which is a narrowing or blockage of a blood vessel that supplies your heart of blood. This causes pain in the chest and often radiating to the left arm, shoulder or parts of the jaw.

Diagnosis: We believe is certainty that you are suffering from Angina, the methods listed below are ways to help manage the symptoms and your over all heath.

Recommended medical procedures.

Based upon the symptoms you have been showing at this time and date we can not for certain recommend any procedures, but that will be likely to change if your condition furthers.

Schedule for next visit or follow up.

We would like to see you in our cardiologist office to test your over all cholesterol levels, triglycerides and weight in order to decide if we will have to move to more drastic measures to turn your condition around. We wish you best of luck and hope our advice and the information provided has helped you understand your condition and its severity .