80s Fashion

Bright, Vivid, and Cute

Back then there were a lot of fashions, but most did not stay to long. But some did and are still there today. To you they might seem a little different but it's the truth. I show you what I mean. The fashions to day are not that different from back then. You will see what I'm talking about if you look closer to them.
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A likes And Differences

The fashions to day are bright and dark colors or a bit of both.the fashions back then were mostly bright colors that stand out. Like the popular japinses style dress was poplar becauses it stood out. The poplar outfits stood out because the people wanted to stand out. Just like to day people want to stand out in the world and be noticed. Mini shirts are poplar today and back then too that is one smily in fashion.

Some of the fashions from back then are basically the same. But some of the fashions are toddle different from today. Like the cotton jumpsuit it was a popular back then. But in today's fashions it wade not be popular at all. Instead of the jumpsuit it wade be leggings. That is just one of the many differences from today's, fashions and the fashions back then.

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80's Fashion