Chapter 8 of Hitler Youth

By Leigha Andraschko


A lot of the Hitler Youth teenagers were getting tired of constant work. Most of the Hitler Youth left because they wanted to speak, dress, sing, and read freely. Most of the ex-Hitler Youth joined gangs such as, Edelweiss Pirates, The Navajos, The Black Gang, or The Lechler Landstrum. The gangs stole flags and beat up the HJ-streifendienst(Strip Service). This made the Hitler Youth Program open Concentration Camps for boys. People who left Hitler Youth changed Heil Hitler int0 Swing Heil. Germans had to buy earbuds to listen to illegal foreign broadcasts.
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Summary of The White Rose

The White Rose was created at the University of Munich. Hans(Sophie's brother) was the original creator. One day Sophie found a leaflet and it has a quote on it. She started wondering why her brother was never around. Once she got to his dorm she found an older book that had that exact quote that was in the leaflet. She knew this was no coincidence. He had to have been the one to wrote it. She confronted him and got the truth. After awhile she started to help because what he wrote was true. They planned to spread more leaflets in the building so everyone could see the truth. The janitor caught them but they didn't try and escape.
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The Trial of The White Rose

Monday, Feb. 22nd 1943 at 9pm

The Peoples Court

Hans, Sophie, and Christoph's trial was held on February 22nd 1943. The three of them were sentenced to death. Minutes after their trial they were led to the execution room in the prison and beheaded. Sophie was forced to go first, second was Hans, and last was Christoph. The last thing the Hans said was "Long Live Freedom!". After a few months the rest of the Leaders of the White Rose were sentenced to death. The Students of the University at Munich never forgot "The White Rose".
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