Internet Saftey

Watch what you click!

Why is it important?

Internet safety or online safety is the security of people and their information when using the Internet. It is important because people need to be aware of what they click on, and the dangers of the unsecured/uncensored Internet.

Rember these when browsing.

Follow these instructions.

  • Watch what you click- What you click could lead to viruses being put on your computer, or people cyber bullying you.

  • Know who it is- Know who is connecting to you online, and set privacy features for who can email you, or communicate in any way with you.

  • Screen names/Email addresses- Do not include any personal information in the address or screen name. Use different names for every site.

  • Social Networking- Do not communicate without knowing who the person on the other end actually is.

  • Photos/ Videos- Think before you upload photos or videos. Make sure that they don’t give information about you.

  • Don’t bully-Make sure that the person you are communicating with knows the acronyms that you use, and the emoticons.

  • Fake Friends- Watch out when you make “ friends” online, as they are not your actual friends, may not be your age, and have an intent to harm you.