The Cub and The Beach Ball

Kaden Christiansen

The Cub and The Beach Ball

There once was a bear named George that lived in a forest, he lived in a small cave with his momma and papa. All together they hibernated in the winter and played in the summer. Papa bear would teach George how to hunt. Every day they each brought home a fish from the river, and momma bear would cook them.

One day when Papa Bear was hunting, George was playing with his favorite beach ball. It had rainbow colors all over it. When he kicked it in rolled all the way to the river. It started to float down the river. George ran after it and jumped into the river. George couldn't swim. He struggled to stay afloat. George finally came upon his beach ball. George grabbed it. "Yay," he yelled. But then George realized that a waterfall was coming up. He tried swimming to shore but he couldn't. George screamed for help! At The last minute Papa Bear grabbed a stick and threw it out into the river still holding onto it. George grabbed the stick and Papa Bear pulled him in. Papa Bear was relieved to see George. He said to never do that again and to always ask someone to do something before you do it.


Be Cautious of your surroundings and ask permission to do something before you do it.