Royal Canadian Air Force

By Navleen Bassi


The Royal Canadian Air Force was in Canada's world war 1 and world war 2.When they used to go to wars they use to split in to two teams one team goes this way and the other goes the other way.The RCAF they fighting for us to make us get food and education.The Royal Canadian Air Force used to have food that was rotten for many days.They did not get food for couple of days when they were in wars.They had lots of weapons to use for their wars to fight people.Some people that went to wars lots did not come back but some came back with injuries.People that went to the war they were happy to see they killed people who were attacking people with no reasons.That is why people call them Royal Canadian Air Force Group.These are the reasons that RCAF is a very good team.

What does it stands for ?

The RCAF stands for Royal Canadian Air Force.Many Canadian air forces have a short form of their name.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police stands for RCMP.Lots of people go to see their air force pictures.These are the reasons why RCAF stands for.

What does it does ?

The Royal Canadian Air Force is generating and maintain combat-capable air forces to meet the Canadian defense force.The Royal Canadian Air Force is one of Canada's popular and very safety air force.Lots of things that they do are lots of stuff like make or build rocket ships and boats and lots more.Our Canada is one of the safest country.No body can attack our country because of the safety we have and because of police,firefighters and security at every corner of Canada's.

Canada Armed Force

RCAF is part of Canada's armed force.The Canadian armed force is a force that is used a lot when there is danger.The Canadian armed force is used a lot at wars.Lots of Canadian armed force use weapons made of metal,wood and steal.These are the reasons why it is part of Canada armed force.

Regular Forces

The Royal Canadian Air Force consists of 14,500 regular forces.They use some of these regular forces at wars.The Royal Canadian Air Force make these forces so if there is a war they can be prepared.The Royal Canadian Air Force makes forces a lot big ones and a lot small ones

Primary Forces

The Royal Canadian Air Force consists of 2,600 primary reserve.They use some of the primary reserve at wars.The primary reserve are forces that size are medium.They mostly use primary reserve at wars that are small fights.

Extra Stuff

The Royal Canadian Air Force was made in 1920. In 1924 the name one RCAF was made.The Royal Canadian Air Force was made because they need people to go to wars and to make forces so they can be popular. Michael J hood is the commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force.The purpose of the RCAF is to make Canada a safe country.It is located at the national.