CSDA Competition Team car wash

The rain didn't stop us!!

The rain did not stop us, as you can tell from the pictures below everyone worked hard and had fun. The grand total for the day was $816.00. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the car wash whether you washed cars or purchased supplies it was greatly appreciated! Another car wash has been set up October 19th, so lets hope for a mild fall!!

Team warm up info

Also just wanted to let everyone know that the artwork for the warm up is almost done and Elizabeth is hoping to send out the link to order by early next week.

CSDA Competition Team Parent’s Meeting July 28, 2013 7:30 pm Minutes

Motion to call the meeting to order by Elizabeth

Motion seconded by Nichol

1. Warm-ups

· Will be coming from a new company.

· We will be able to log in online to order the sizes we need.

· Items will all ship together and will ship to the studio.

· Approximate order by date will be September 15th.

· Approximate price is $100.

· Skirts are still being looked into.

· More info about ordering will come from Elizabeth

2. Football Mania

· If you are having trouble selling your 5 raffle tickets please see Betti or Elizabeth as soon as possible

· More tickets have been ordered and are available

· Tickets are still available from Betti Ketlerl

· Any questions please see Betti

3. Night Out Fundraiser

· Discussion about planning a “night out” event somewhere. For instance, chic-fil-a, Rita’s, etc.

· Nicole Holtz will be chairing this fundraiser. We discussed possible locations and more information is to come.

4. Discount Cards

· Briefly discussed a discount card fundraiser. Nicole Holtz will be looking into this.

5. Car Wash

· We discussed final arrangements for the car wash.

· Volunteers for garden hose Y and additional hose were found.

· NO FLIP FLOPS….socks and shoes or water shoes.

6. Jump Convention/Competition

· Information can be found here: http://www.jumptour.com/

· We will be attending in Philadelphia January 31-February 2, 2014

· Overnight stay is highly recommended. Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn $139/night

· Hotel reservations should be made soon to ensure a spot, block of rooms is under the name “Break the Floor”

7. Local Performance Opportunities

· Tanya Chang will be chairing this

· We discussed possible locations.

· Looking to perform at local nursing homes, senior centers, and community events

· Performance numbers will be ready to perform by January 15th

· Target performance date would be the weekend prior to Jump (weekend of 1/24)

· Lorraine will look into Ben Wilson Senior Center

· Karin will look into Northampton Township Senior Center

· Susan Cotte will look into Fox

8. Dance Mom’s Shirt

· A dance Mom’s shirt has been designed and can be seen found at the bottom of the meeting agenda: https://www.smore.com/7j24

· Shirt sales will be opened to the entire studio in order to make more affordable.

· Deadline to order will be September 30. More information from Elizabeth will follow

· A design will be set up for the Dance Dad’s shirt.

· Nichol and Lorraine will co-chair this

9. Teacher’s Competition Fees

· Each parent will bring $10/per dancer to the next meeting

· Money collected will be given to help defer some of the cost of attending competition/conventions

10. Meetings

· Next meeting will be 9/15 at 7:30 pm

· Future dates are 10/20 and 11/17

Nichol motioned to end the meeting.

Megan seconded the motion.

In attendance:

Megan Blatz, Jennifer Briggs, Tanya Chang, Dawn & Rudy Cieri, Susan Cotte, Laura DeAmbrose, Andrew Dziedzic, Nicole Holtz, Betti Ketler, Susan Knorr, Nichol Meager, Deanna Shelton, Lorraine Sutliff, Karin O’Connor, and Elizabeth Tolis.

Football Mania

Footballmania tickets are still available if you would like more. You may contact Betti Ketler directly 215-680-1789. The FINAL day to drop off tickets and money will be WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28. No late tickets will be accepted.

Next Parent Meeting

Sunday, Sep. 15th 2013 at 7:30pm

321 West County Line Road

Hatboro, PA