American System

Kristy Astudillo


Henry clay gave a speech on tarriffs designed to protect American Industries and generate revenue for the federal government. The american system also stabilized the currancy and rein in riskey state and local bank. It ensured that America would be economically self-sufficient. This was how the whig party was created.

Nationalism v. Sectionalism

Nationalism is the feeling of pride, loyalty, and protectiveness towards your country. Sectionism is loyalty to the interests of your own region or section of the country, rather than to the nations as a whole. Sectionalism is a threat to Nationalism. Henry Clay supported nationalism.

American System

The American system was designed to unify the nation and strengthen its economy by thr protective tariff's, a national bank, and a transportation system. The most important internal improvements from the American system were Erie Canel and the Cumberland road. It created a strong banking system that would make loans available for business.

Henry Clay

Henry Clay was born in Virginia on April 12, 1777. He was a 19th century U.S politican who served in congress. His political career kicked off in 1803 when he was elected to the Kentucky General Assembly. He was the leader of the Whig party and was a five time unsuccessful presidential candidate. He was also Secretary of State for john Quicny Adams. He wanted to integrated economic program called the American System. He aslo never became president and was also part if the War Hawks. Henry Clay was one of Americans best-loved politicans.
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