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April 2014

March Madness continued...

As the tournaments wind down, feel free to come in to the Media Center and check out the brackets. Most people come in and look at their Men's Brackets and groan thanks to all of the upsets. The Women's Brackets are faring much better.

It's Time for the Book Fair!!

The Scholastic Book fair will run April 21-25. We will have a wide variety of literature from pre-K through young adult.

New DVDs

Fun Days in April

April 6 - "Sorry, Charlie" Day (remember this character?)

April 15 - National Library Day!!

April 17 - National High Five Day

April 21 - School Library Day! Come to the library, visit the Book Fair, and help us celebrate!

April 26 - National Pretzel Day (Road trip to Jojo's in Shipshe???)

This Day in History

April 3 - Apple releases the iPad (2010)

April 6 - Hostess Twinkies were sold for the first time in the US. They were banana-filled. (1931)

April 10 - Paul McCartney announces he is leaving The Beatles (1970)

April 17 - Ford Motor Co. unveiled its new Mustang model at the New York World's Fair (1964)

April 25 - Elvis Presley has his first number one on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart with "Heartbreak Hotel" (1956)

April 30 - The Diary of Anne Frank is published. (1952) Ironically, this was exactly 7 years to the day after Hitler committed suicide (1945)

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