Room 102

Important Reminders, Highlights, and Exciting News

Week of May 2nd

We are so very proud of our Spectacular Second Graders! Each day, they strive to demonstrate our school's Core Values of Mind, Heart, and Effort each school day and in multiple ways. We celebrate and appreciate all of the growth and progress that has been made, to date. We are very excited about our future and educational journey as it unfolds ahead!

Both classrooms 101 and 102 are working hand and hand to ensure that our content, experiences, and resources are parallel. As educators, this is our heartfelt and dedicated commitment to the students and families we are serving this school year and beyond.

Early Dismissal Reminders

We recognize that a number of our Second Graders are making their First Communion this coming weekend. If your child needs to be dismissed early from classes to attend a practice, please let us know in writing ahead of time.

We have received a few individualized letters from St. Mary of the Woods via the students and forwarded that information to Mr. Weiden as requested.

We will need to know, however, who will be responsible for transporting the students and at which time they will be leaving school to attend practice on Thursday afternoon. In addition, we need to know whether or not they will be returning or if they need to be packed up and ready with their homework at the time of their early dismissal.

As with any planned early dismissal, please let your child's teacher know in writing as soon as you are able the time of pickup for early dismissal, reason and whether or not the child will be returning.

We are not always in our classroom at that time and will have a better chance of coordinating in a timely fashion if a heads up is provided. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation!

Magical History Tour Updates and Important Information...

Please take care of and a watchful eye over the loaned research materials. They have been helping our students for many years and reflect a great deal of effort and coordination to locate these topics. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THEM! We are requiring the students to store them in the Ziploc Bags as they contain their names as well as the quantity of items loaned to them. They should be kept until May 11th the day the Dioramas are due.

Important Deadlines...

Wednesday, May 11th-
Loaned materials should be returned to school as well as your diorama.

Friday, May 13th-
9:00AM 101 will present their speeches. 10:00AM 102 will present their speeches. Students will be dressed and be one another’s backup singers when their class is not presenting. We will fit and loan the students with costumes prior to the week of the shows.

After School Schedules Revisions and Updates...

If you have not already, please inform us of your child's afternoon schedule if it involves a special group pickup from school or delivery to the Gym for Park District. Please notify us of any changes or additions.

Math Chapter Eleven

In Math, our emphasis is Customary and Metric Lengths. We will be extending and enriching our understanding of Measurement and Data. Our Essential Question is "How can I measure objects?" We will be utilizing hands-on manipulatives and IXL to enhance our knowledge and understanding mathematical problem-solving strategies!


In Science, we are exploring Force, Balance, and Motion with the addition of Simple Machines this Fourth Quarter!!

Social Studies

We are journeying back in time to the Early Settlers. Using a supplemental and informative Social Studies Weekly Publication, the students were able to apply a close reading strategy entitled Three Reads to enhance and enrich of key vocabulary, main ideas and supporting details related to this unit. Students need to memorize their speeches and begin working on their dioramas. Please refer to the Information Packets for additional information.

Language Arts

Reading Response Journal (RRJ)

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, your child will be assigned a Reading Response Journal entry on a book of their choice. Please use the classroom modeled example to guide you. They will be collected on Thursdays and credit will be given for their effort. During the next two weeks leading up to our Magical History Tour, we will refrain from assigning RRJ entries this week as we recognize that our students are working on memorizing their speeches and working on their dioramas.


We will resume our regular spelling testing schedule after the Magical History Tour.


Our reading selection is Tell Me, Tree written by Gail Gibbons.

The selection test will be administered on Friday, May 6th.


Expository Text is written to inform or explain.

Vocabulary cards

Vocabulary cards will be completed and submitted for credit on the day of the test. Please help your child to make sure these are completed and can be used as a study tool in anticipation of the upcoming test. Vocabulary cards will be attached at the time of test collection for credit.

Comprehension Skill- Classify and Categorize
As you read, group similar things and ideas together to help you see the relationships found in the text.

Vocabulary -

A vocabulary study card will be completed for each of these key vocabulary words. Our procedure will be modeled and time will be given in class to complete these. They will be submitted for credit on the day of the assessment.

limbs, minerals, sprouts, stems, trunks

Vocabulary Strategy-Word Structure
Word structure such as prefixes, suffixes, can help you determine the meanings of words.

Grammar Focus and Emphasis~Singular and Plural Nouns
Nouns can be singular or plural.

A singular noun names one.

Examples: star, animal, plant, idea

Plural nouns name more than one.

Examples: stars, animals, plants, ideas

Most nouns add -s to form the plural noun.

Some nouns add -es to words ending in s, x, z, ss, ch, or sh.

Examples: brush-brushes

Other nouns ending in y change the y to i and add -es.

Example: buddy-buddies

There are some special nouns that change when they are made plural.

Example: person-people

Ongoing Information

Our Inquiry Project and Investigation Log Journals!!
"Ideas come from curiosity." ~Walt Disney

This school year our students are so very fortunate to have a dedicated journal to record their observations, research as they create inquiry projects as a source for enrichment! The students are very excited and have already been researching student-selected and student-centered topics of their choice. Extra credit will be awarded for mind, heart and effort invested in their special work!

In the past, many Second Grade students have enjoyed preparing an Inquiry Project of their own selection for enrichment and extra credit. They have worked individually or in small groups. Please know that as sources of enrichment, these projects are student-selected and are optional. They will have a chance to share their project with the class, when finished.

In addition, some students have used poster board to showcase their work, and others have opted to purchase the tri-fold version or create dioramas, or models to illustrate their knowledge and understanding. Again, that is purely option. Throughout the school year, we will dedicate some classroom time to collaborate with their peers to aid their research efforts. Upon completion, students will be able to share, and present their projects to the class.

Parents' Daily Assignment Book Check

Please remember to sign your child's Assignment Book each night as confirmation of review and receipt of these important deadlines as well as dialogue with your child regarding their Sticker Chart for all of the school days they stay at Green or Higher.

If they have not done so, then their day will indicate the descending color they received. Our progressive behavior incentive system begins each day with all students on Green or "Ready to Learn." The colors are arranged as follows from the top down. Pink "Super Student," Purple "Great Job," Blue “Good Choices”, Green, "Ready to Learn," Yellow, "Think About it," Orange, "Teacher’s Choice, and Red, "Parent Contact." The last move would result in a Student Behavior Form being completed in school and signed by the teacher as well as the parent at home. This progress informs our citizenship awards as well as our classroom climate and teamwork.

We have a Hall of Fame for those students who collect five days on Pink and earn special gems symbolizing their amazing progress on their clip. The students are very motivated to try to reach Pink each day. Please join us in celebrating encouraging this progress! Thank you for your continued support and partnership!

Daily Five Update

We are enjoying immensely our Daily Five Literacy Task Learning Cycles. The students have latched onto the routines and are immersing themselves in these literacy tasks! Throughout the past few weeks, we have been reinforcing and practicing our routines and expectations for Word Work, Work on Writing, Read to Self, iPads, and teacher-guided group expectations.

Differentiated Math Centers
Our Math Centers have been an exciting addition to our math lessons!
In addition to IXL practice and enrichment, we have been working on MARS Tasks, Problems of the Month, Hands-On Math Games to build our Math Fluency and Scavenger Hunts and Scoot Games. The students love these opportunities to extend and enrich their learning!


Please encourage your child to practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at least each school week. Keep in mind the desired benchmarks and your child's progress to guide the time that will be needed to keep progressing in this content area.

Our year end goal is for each child to be reading at the End of Second Grade Level-P or higher. Please remember that you will be able to access your accounts throughout the summer and should utilize that time to make sure you have attained the goal.

Language Arts Reading-
Students should read for at least 15 Minutes a day or longer this week. We are suggesting that the students Read Out Loud to an Adult for at least fifteen minutes for homework on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, complete at least one Raz-Kids reading selection and test.

In Second Grade, they will have daily Read to Self opportunities as part of our Daily Five Literacy Tasks. They each have an individualized book bin with "Good Fit" books. They may check out a classroom library book to assist with these journal entries.

Signed Tests
Thank you for taking time to sign your child's assessments and return them to school. As shared at Parent Night and in our Second Grade Informational Packets distributed at the beginning of our school year, these returned assessments are compiled into Student Portfolios and will be returned to you and your child at the end of our school year. They serve as a confirmation of your receipt of this important feedback and reinforce the Home-School Correspondence. This practice is part of your child's daily assignments. Thank you for your continued support!

Please remember...
The Classroom/Homework page will be updated weekly or as needed to inform our students and families of upcoming important reminders, announcements and our anticipated homework for the week.

Visit our school's website at and select this Classes/Homework page regularly in order to facilitate our Home-School partnership as well as your child's progress this school year. Please also note that you child has a personal Assignment Book that will contain "Real Time" updates regarding daily Homework assignments and expectations. Please check your child's assignment book each night to monitor any additions or revisions to our schedule. We will utilize their performances to inform and shape the pace of our lessons.