Jim Stark

By: Austin Foist

Character’s traits

1. He is lonely- At the start of the movie he doesn't have any friends and he has troubles making friends and his father even admits that he does to.

2. He is angry- During the movie he yells at his parents a lot and he hurt his hand at the start of the movie when he hit the desk.

Jim's conflicts

During the movie Jim has problems making friends and fitting in at the new schools he goes to. So the way he deals with not fitting in is by, he starts a fight with one of the popular boys and then challenges him to a game of racing chicken which goes to far because, the boy dies.

Jim also has problems at home with his family, him and his parents have lots of arguments and Jim is always getting into trouble. Which forces them to move and then Jim has to make new friends again.

Did Jim change?

I think yes Jim did learn from his mistakes because. At the end of the movie Jim try's to do the right thing by turning himself in and he tries to save Plato so that he doesn't die.

Plato’s mismatched socks

I think Plato's mismatched socks was a symbol to try to show us that Plato was really different then everyone else and the he wasn't normal.

The main lesson

I think the main lesson of the movie is that, sometimes honor isn't as important as your safety and you should just be a chicken instead of being cool.

Why doesn't Jim back down from anything?

The reason Jim doesn't back down is because. He wants to look tough and be cool so he can fit in with the cool kids.