Sra. Barham's Weekly Update

September 8-12

Week 3

Hello all!

Tomorrow begins the third week of our semester. Most of the students are busy catching up from a late start, but I am definitely seeing some hard work and progress. The assignments I have been grading have been high quality and impressive.

Please feel free to contact me anytime you have a question or concern.

Sra. Barham

This Week's Assignments

**Unidad 1 - Required Live Class (during Weeks 2 - 6)

Lección 3

  • Práctica de Vocabulario
  • Actividades de Vocabulario
  • Prueba de Vocabulario
  • Práctica de Gramática
  • Escribir
  • Hablar

This Week's Required Live Classes

Getting Started: 5 pm and 7 pm
Unit 1: 8 pm

Unit 1: 6 pm

Unit 1: 8 am, 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm


Getting Started: 5 pm

Unit 1: 9 am