Holocaust 1939

Sam Castranova

Who or What Made These Events so Effesctive

Invasion of Czechoslovakia- Hitler threatened the Czech saying if they did not let them through, then they would launch a full on invasion.

Ravensbruck Camp- It was established by Heinrich Himmler, it was the first camp primarily for women and children.

Germany's invasion on Poland:- Without the famous strategy "Blitzkrieg" or "lightning storm" Germany would probably have not won this invasion. It is argued that this strategy was accidental to this day.

France and Britain Declare War- Without them doing this, nobody would have had the courage to stand up to the powerful Nazi group.

Failure to Assassinate Hitler- A man named George Elser planted a bomb where Hitler was speaking. Due to some fog, the bomb blew up when Hitler was not their. If he was successful then the course of History would be changed greatly.

People Affected by These Events.

Germany Invades Czechoslovakia-

Victim-Czechoslovakia was the bystander because they were the one being attacked.

Bystanders- All other nations watching as Germany is Doing this.

Perpetrators- Germany, they were the ones attacking.

Ravensbruck Camp-

Victims- All the women that were killed.

Bystanders- Again, the rest of the World

Perpetrators- The SS and Germany.

Germany Invades Poland-

Victim- Poland, they were the ones getting attacked.

Bystander- Rest of the world, but Britain and France were starting to get interested in fighting.

Perpetrator- Germany (I'm starting to see a pattern)

France and Britain Declare War- Not any victims, bystanders, or perpetrators. Just declaring war.

Failure to Assassinate Hitler-

Victims- 6 people who died from the bomb even though it was aimed towards Hitler.

Bystanders- People in the crowd when the bomb went off.

Perpetrator- John Elser

Who tried to Help?

The World kept silent for a majority of the time because they were afraid of Germany's power. It wasn't until Britain and France stepped when other countries started to help.

What as society can we learn?

We can learn to treat everyone equally so an event like this would NEVER happen again. Also don't be afraid to stand up to something, because when you do others will help.

Germany Invade Czechoslovakia

On September 29th, 1939, Czechoslovakia makes an agreement with Germany that gave Germany "Sudetenland". Many of Czechoslovakia's border defenses were located their leaving them defenseless. Germany also gained a huge portion of most of their recourses. Making their economy weak. Hitler took advantage of them being weak, and demanded access into their Capital, Prague. The president gave them access that same day, and Hitler marched his way into Czechoslovakia!