Beginner Band Drive

Wednesday, Aug. 26 4:00 pm-6:00 pm @ High School Band Hall

An opportunity to choose your instrument!

On August 26th, you have the opportunity to pick out an instrument to use for your beginning band experience.If you are going to play a Baritone or a Tuba, these two

instruments will be provided to you at no cost by LCMS & LCISD. There will a limited number of the other basic instruments available.( Flute,clarinet,Alto Sax,Trombone &

Percussion kits ) Your parents should contact Mr. Morgan or Mr. Hall to receive help in that area.

WE will have representatives from Tarpley Music with a wide assortment of both new & used instruments at this event.

Rental - Purchase Plans

- The Details -


Rental/Purchase plan terms vary depending on the price of the instrument, but generally run 24 to 36 months. Payments are consistent throughout the term. There is NO INTEREST on our contracts and NO HIDDEN FEES. Our contract details your complete payment schedule - how much you are paying for the instrument, taxes, and what the total will be if paid to completion.

If you pay through the term of your rental agreement, the title of the instrument will pass to you. You then will own the instrument.

If your child drops out of band or orchestra during the rental term, you can return the instrument to us and end any further obligation. With our plan, you are only responsible for the months you actually had the instrument.

Barry Morgan and Trevor Hall

This will be Mr. Morgan's third year at LCMS. The Lubbock-Cooper MS band students have worked hard to continue a fine tradition of Sweepstakes bands during his first two years.

Mr. Hall will be in his first year at Lubbock - Cooper Middle School.