Extra! Extra! Fablehaven news

By Dasha

fablehaven news

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! For centuries mythical creatures have lived at Fablehaven, a safe preserve to keep magical creatures from going to extinction. Usually all runs smooth at this great preserve, but lately trouble has been stirring. The caretaker, Stan, has invited his grandchildren over, and it seems that they are the cause of the trouble. At least the girl, Kendra, has some common sense, unlike her brother, Seth. Seth is constantly making trouble, like meeting evil witches, turning fairies into horrible creatures called imps, or letting demons into the house. Of course he doesn't try , he doesn't know that much about the dangers of Fablehaven, and so is a bit too curious for his own good. His sister explores the safe area of the yard, meeting jealous and selfcentered fairies, while her brother wanders around the woods. All seems well for now, but I heard rumor that kendra's grandma, grandpa, brother and two friends have been captured by a very evil witch, and a powerful demon named Bahmaut, and it's up to her to save them. Even worse, I heard lots of whispers on the streets that an evil society called the evening star is rising! They are a secret society that tries to wipeout preserves like Fablehaven, and let evil demons like Bahmaut out on the loose! Listen up folks for more of the Fablehaven gossip, but for now until next time!