A Bearded Dragon Flying Into Love

By: Jakob Tomlin

Hi my name is Berry, I’m a bearded dragon. I may not be able to fly like a dragon, but my awesome personality outshines that. I like going on long walks on the beach. I don’t go to dinner date because of my eating habits, who would want to date a guy who eats bugs. I love a girl who can take the heat and loves the sand. I can help anyone who wants to get in shape, I love fruits and salads, mmmmm salad.

Of course the reason I am writing this article is to find a mate. I love a girl who can "fly like an eagle and soar through the sky". I always thought a girl who could fly could help me learn how to fly on my own, maybe on day I will sprout wings of my own, and breath fire on to a small village. I always liked the word Aves, reminds me of ace which is a one in cards. I also like the letter A and girls who's names start with an A. Feathers are one of my favorite things in the world. I love how they tickle me and are so soft and fluffy. Remeber ladies I am single and ready to mingle, and fly with the girl of my dreams.